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Car rental services in south Alicante, Spain

Terms & conditions

1. AGE

The minimum age to hire an EasyOption car is 21.


The hirer must be in possession of a full EU valid license for at least 1 year.


We will need a copy of your passport and driving license prior to collection of any vehicle.


Payment will ALWAYS be taken via credit card for the full duration of the rental, unless otherwise agreed prior to signing the rental agreement.


A deposit of 300/600€ will be retained from the hirers credit card for the full length of the rental agreement. Please take note that this is NOT a charge. The card will only be charged if the vehicle has suffered any damage due to the hirers negligence, theft or claims whereby the hirer is liable.


We do not charge anything for fuel. Your EasyOption car will be collected with normally at least a quarter of a tank of fuel and this will be reflected on the rental agreement. On finalising the rental agreement, the vehicle should be left with the same fuel as on collection. Please take note that if the vehicle is left with less fuel, there will be a charge of 20€.

IMPORTANT: The hirer will be liable for any expense and damage caused by the use of incorrect fuel.


An excess applies to all vehicles (see paragraph 5) which will be charged in the event of the following occurrences:-

  • Negligence, all damage caused by the hirers/drivers neglect.
  • Loss or breakage of keys.
  • Damage caused to tyres, wheels and rims.
  • If any damage caused to the vehicle whilst on hire is correctly notified immediately you will only be charged the amount of the repair or a maximum of 300€uros if it exceeds this amount.
  • Failing to notify us of any damage caused to the vehicle while on hire will result to the full and maximum charge of 300€uros

Please take note that the hirer shall take full responsibility for all damages incurred while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


A description of the condition of the vehicle will be given to you upon signing of the rental agreement. Any defects or damages that are not listed on the agreement should be notified immediately to EasyOption. Failure to do so could mean that you are liable for any expense incurred for repair or refurbishment.

Your EasyOption vehicle is NOT to be taken off mainland Spain. The vehicle is Insured only for Spain. Failure to comply with this restriction could end in legal action against the hirer.

You will abide by all Spanish road laws and you will be committed for the proper use and care of the vehicle to the full extent of the rental agreement and will make sure that the vehicle is returned in the same condition as when it was provided.

We also inform that the hirer will be responsible for payment of any fines or penalties incurred as a result of road traffic or parking offenses whilst in possession of the EasyOption car.


The hirer is obliged to carry out the following actions:-

  • Obtain as much information from the other parties involved, including registration numbers, Insurance details, driver ID, etc.
  • Do not admit or accept responsibility for the accident. Signing an accident claim form commits you to the content of the form. ONLY sign the form if you are 100% sure of the content of the accident form and you are in agreement.
  • Do not abandon the vehicle. If the vehicle is not roadworthy then you MUST contact the hirer for towing arrangements.
  • If you have difficulties with the other parties or there are any personal injuries you MUST call the police. The local police can be contacted on 092 and the Civil Guard (Guardia Civil) can be reached on 062. Please also remember that all of the emergency services can be reached by dialling 112 from any mobile phone.


On signing this rental agreement, the hirer is obliged to pay the leaser the agreed stipulated amount that is highlighted on the reverse. This charge includes taxes, insurance, delivery and collection and is regulated under the leasers current rates. The application of the initially agreed rate, written on the reverse of this agreement, is subject to the return of the vehicle in perfect working order at the agreed time and location, if the vehicle is returned later than the stipulated time and or at a different location, an additional charge of 30€ per day will be applied and 0.25 cents per kilometre. There will be a charge (see paragraph 7) for loss or breakage of keys, tools or accessories, damage to wheels, tyres and rims and any other damage caused by neglect or misfortune. For those repairs and replacements that do not exceed the excess, the client will be charged the exact recommended amount from our local concessionaire for that particular marque. 

In the event that the vehicle is returned excessively dirty with the upholstery stained or marked, there will be an additional charge of 80€ for a full valet.

There is a minimum 70€ no-show charge.

All road traffic and or parking offenses will be paid in full (see paragraph 8) by the hirer if said offenses are committed within the duration of the rental.

Extra child boosters and or baby seats will be charged at 0.50 cents per day.

There is an out of hour charge of 6€uros to all vehicles collected or returned between 23:00 and before 07:00 hours


Unlimited mileage.


Under Spanish law it is YOUR obligation to ensure that your children are properly secured with the use of an appropriate authorised child safety seat. EasyOption will supply 1 child booster per vehicle for the use for children between 4 and 12 years of age on application free of charge. If you require an extra booster and or baby seat, these can be arranged subject to the corresponding rental charge (see paragraph 10).


For purposes of the data protection act legislation, we would like to inform all of our clients, that any personal details obtained will be included in an automated data file owned by EasyOption Rent a Car (Easyinsurance s.l.) to be able to manage our professional activity and keep you informed of any new features, future changes and or promotions.

We understand that your personal details are very important and we do our upmost to protect them and treat them with great confidentiality.

We promise to comply with the obligation of secrecy and correct handling in compliance with the personal data protection act 15/1999.

To exert your rights, corrections, cancellation or opposition, you should contact our office situated in Avda. Delfina Viudes, 54 -03183- Torrevieja, Alicante, with the due accreditation and authorisation.

14. Jurisdiction

This contract shall be governed and construed in accordance with the Spanish law. Any disputes between the leaser and the renter shall be presented at the Courts of Torrevieja , Alicante (Spain), with express waiver of any other jurisdiction to which the parties may have recourse.

15. Online form information

The price information shown on our online form is informative and not binding. The final price will be revised by our staff and our calculation will be considered the valid quote.